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My « One Number » Rule

The amount of unmarried men dream that Friday and Saturday evenings will be full of fun, flirting and meeting numerous brand new females to fill their own social existence?

Many times, however, weekends out on the town conclusion with simply a big club loss, an intoxicated slice of late-night oily pizza and a taxi cab drive home without a single good talk with a lady.

Or, if the man might practicing how to get more dates, the guy ends up with a pocket filled with cell phone night friend finder numbers.

But that does not matter since when he phone calls those figures (hmm, 3 days afterwards?), all he becomes is actually the woman voice post. And she never ever phone calls back.

What’s happening here?

A unmarried guy places a whole lot pressure on themselves which will make something happen collectively lady he foretells in a social environment.

He must look cool, self-confident and attractive in every single talk with a female. The guy has to get her intrigued and, with any luck, he’ll keep along with her phone number.

But all of that stress the guy sets on themselves to « get her contact number » frequently contributes to failure.

In conclusion, the guy never ever foretells any women because he’s nervous he will not be in a position to « make anything occur » with every lady.


« As much as possible generate ONE genuine experience of a

woman, you will develop a healthier relationship existence. »

Just forget about getting her phone number.

I’d like one transform that frame of mind.

If you are going to (or have simply started initially to) speak with a brand new lady, eliminate getting her drawn to you.

Ignore whether you are carrying out suitable points to generate her intrigued. Forget all of that stress you’ve put-on yourself.

Alternatively, focus just on whether you are having an excellent connection immediately for the reason that it’s the sole thing that will figure out how she feels about you.

When you are having a good conversation plus the both of you really connect, then you get her number, maybe not the other method around.

If you have ever pondered exactly why a female does not call men straight back after she is offered him their number, this is your solution:

It’s because he pressured the lady involved with it.

He had been so concentrated on tips « extract » a telephone number of her that he ignored whether she even planned to provide him her number to start with.

If she is not interested in you or what you must state where second, she’s not likely to contact you straight back no matter what you make an effort to perform.

Cell phone numbers commonly important.

A good link is really what matters.

Acquiring three or four phone numbers every weekend may sound appealing at this time, but really it’s simply anticipating our own troubles.

We are expecting some women can be perhaps not planning give us a call right back, others are likely to flake yet others will not be attracted to all of us after a first day.

Really don’t get flaked on, and I hardly ever have actually a negative very first day. It isn’t really that i am unique or that You will find some key. I just never think of obtaining a pocket high in telephone numbers.

One contact number through the one lady You will find the best reference to – which is all I wanted.

Whenever you generate ONE real relationship with a lady when a week, and even as soon as a month, you will have plenty of to create a healthy dating existence.

Exactly how will you implement the « one contact number » rule? I absolutely need to hear what you must say.

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